“Art does not organize parties, nor is it the servant or colleague of power. Rather, the work of art becomes a political force simply through the faithful representation of the spirit. It is a political act to create an image of the self, or of the collective” – Lewis Hyde

One of the most important aspects of this project is the fact that it is a piece by the collective “Us” there is no one unwelcomed to this project, whose voices is excluded, or whose experiences and emotions regarding this tragedy are invalid. We therefore encourage and welcome the perspectives of all people brave enough to share their voices with us.

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*Disclaimer: By submitting this material with your electronic signature, you hereby recognize that the creative and intellectual property generated by you may be workshopped, manipulated, and utilized in whatever way deemed necessary by The Orange Ave. Creative Team. Any profits, recognition, or publicity generated by material in the project that may resemble or be inspired by your submission in no way entitles you to any form of compensation or recognition on the part of The Orange Ave. Project.